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Back to Basics

Basic shirt, basic skirt, denim jacket and Converse – today is all about being laaaaaaid back, relaaaaaaxed and aaaaaall comfy. Today, I wanted to leave the attitude at home and show you a sweet and nice side. At least that was the plan. As you can see that worked out really well. Not. Well, eventually I’ll just…


Beverly Hütteldorf

If you follow me on Instagram you have definitely noticed that I’ve moved recently. Now, I live in a very nice, suburban neighborhood at the edge of Vienna with many hills – that’s why I call it my little Beverly Hütteldorf. With that said, a super-chic, diva-ish outfit was the perfect choice to take you for a walk….


The World Is Mine

  When the weather gets warmer I prefer casual and edgy outfits. Spring and summer are seasons that I’ve always associated with fun, holidays and joy – probably that’s why I want my looks to be more laid back as well. Today, I combined a freakin awesome Future Past bomber jacket with killer heels, ripped…


Blog Birthday Giveaway

It’s already been one year since the blog Anita Sookan started – and it has been an amazing year! Justyna and I had the best time shooting, editing, writing, blogging and sharing our passion with you. We met many interesting people, visited many blogging events, collaborated with multiple brands and – the best part of…



I promised you 4 different outfits of our collaboration with the young and promising Viennese label YLVA. For presenting you the fourth outfit of our #SOOKANxYLVA series and in order to celebrate our first successful collaboration, Justyna and I prepared something very special for you. We took the outfit shooting to a whole new level…



One of my big passions besides fashion is interor design. Probably, that’s not such a big surprise as these two fields have a lot in common: they both give you the opportunity to express your personality and mostly, the same trends, patterns, materials and colors you see in store displays can very often be found in…

Electric Lady

To me, the most fascinating characteristic about fashion is that it adapts to our mood and that our mood adapts to what we wear. Once, we dare do leave our comfort zone, it can even help us feel different and better. Depending on what we wear, we can influence and enhance our confidence, attitude, sexappeal,…


Perfect Spring Dress For Munich

Last weekend, I went to Munich due to a family event. I’ve already been there so often that I could call it home away from home… To sum it up in a couple of words: quality time with my family, $h*tloads of food, many kids & babies (sooo cute) and perfect weather. Plus, I finally…


The Bomber

Mostly, there’s some kind of plannig or thinking behind my outfits. I think about how colors, patterns and materials work together. For this outfit, I thought about… nothing. I just randomly picked some things from my closet. Thing is, the past weeks and months were very intense and I lived on a very fast pace so there…

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