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Outfit: Business White

“What do I wear for work today?” Dressing for work can be a very tricky issue as many trends and styles are not appropriate for the office. So to be on the safe side, we often tend to choose conservative clothes in conservative colors that have conservative cuts. In other words, we all look the…


May At A Glance

Is it just me or did May passed extremely fast? For me it was a busy but – more importantly – a very productive month. I got a lot of things done for school, at work, at my new apartment and for the blog. If you take a closer look at the blog, you’ll notice that I’ve added some great…


Beverly Hütteldorf

If you follow me on Instagram you have definitely noticed that I’ve moved recently. Now, I live in a very nice, suburban neighborhood at the edge of Vienna with many hills – that’s why I call it my little Beverly Hütteldorf. With that said, a super-chic, diva-ish outfit was the perfect choice to take you for a walk….


Mrs. Underwood

Some dresses just have it – that little somethin’ that makes you feel like a lady. This one is definitely one of those. It has an amazing cut, the perfect length and the right amount of sexy (without actually being sexy at all). It will never go out of style and you can wear it to business meetings, dinners,…


Top 3 Gifts for Mother’s Day

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and for that reason I will dedicate this post to my mum and give you some ideas how you can make your mom really happy tomorrow. I am lucky enough to have the best mom in the world, who inspires and surprises me every day. She accomplished all her dreams and…


It Is A Man’s World

No idea what’s the thing with me and menswear but I ADORE the idea of women wearing masculine things. Mixed up with some statement jewellery it just looks so simple, eye-catching, sophisticated and yet elegant. I kept this outfit rather simple wearing all black and – what else? – my beloved trench coat to highlight…


Better Late Than Never

It was a cold winter day back in 2011 during my exchange year in Montreal. I was preparing for some exams and I stumpled upon it by accident. A fashion blog. From that moment on, I knew this was what I wanted to do and that desire haven’t let me go ever since. In general,…

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