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Highlights of 2015

Looking through the outfits I posted throughout 2015 triggered an emotional rollercoaster in my chest. I feel proud, happy, lucky, honored, ambitious, but also sad, confused and a billion other emotions that I cannot put in words. I am proud because I have fulfilled my own incredibly high standards when it comes to creativity in outfits,…


Maxi Sun Dress

When it gets really hot my go-to pieces are maxi sun dresses as they protect most of your skin from aggressive sun exposure without being too close-fitting. The crucial part of maxi dresses is it’s length: they should neither be too long (because you’ll be stepping on it all the time) nor too short because they lose theirs impressive effect. Depending…


Capes, Chains & Fedoras for 2015

  January 3rd, 2015. How many of your New Year resolutions have already gone to hell? This year, I can proudly say: none! How did I do that you might ask. Well, over the past years, I have always decided that I would live healthier, get leaner, study harder, become more disciplined, etc. and I always…

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