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Capes, Chains & Fedoras for 2015

  January 3rd, 2015. How many of your New Year resolutions have already gone to hell? This year, I can proudly say: none! How did I do that you might ask. Well, over the past years, I have always decided that I would live healthier, get leaner, study harder, become more disciplined, etc. and I always…


Closest Life Companion

ENG: You get up in the morning, take a shower, put on your clothes and take a look in the mirror. For a second, you think about whether you are happy with the way you look and then you notice that something is missing. So you open your precious jewelry box and feel how it…


MQ Vienna Fashionweek 2014

Last week, Justyna and I were invited to the MuseumsQuartier Vienna Fashion Show. We have only been able to visit the MQVFW on Friday so we saw only 5 shows (Draskovits – Paptiste – Jchoerl – Mariella Morgana & Love Irene – Szimon Rosenthal & Petra Hauser) but as I have seen on different social media…


The Roof Is On Fire

If I had to wear one outfit every single day, it would definitely be this one. Everything I absolutely can’t live without is simply thrown together: dangerously red lips, edgy leather jacket, biker boots and (maybe a bit too short) jeans shorts. I guess, the trick is to make the impression like you don’t give a thing about…

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