It Is A Man’s World


No idea what’s the thing with me and menswear but I ADORE the idea of women wearing masculine things. Mixed up with some statement jewellery it just looks so simple, eye-catching, sophisticated and yet elegant.

I kept this outfit rather simple wearing all black and – what else? – my beloved trench coat to highlight those shoes. You’re either gonna love ’em or hate ’em, there’s no in between – to me they are pure perfection and if anyone can pull them off, well, I guess that one would be me… 😉

Neznam zasto ali ja obozavam kada zena nosi markantnu, musku odjecu. Ukraseno s upadljivim nakitom uvijek izgleda tako jednostavno, sofisticirano i elegantno.

Ovu kombinaciju sam namjerno drzala diskretnijom noseci sve crno i naravno moj omiljeni trench kaput da bi cipele stovise dosle do izrazaja. Ili ce te ih voliti ili mrziti – meni su savrsene i ako ih itko moze nosit onda sam to valjda ja… 😉

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Photos by Justyna Ziarko

Zara Shoes
Mango Pants
Mango Sweater
Mango Coat
Buffalo Bag (thanks to Nenad)
Longines Watch
H&M & Mango Accessoires

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