Highlights of 2015

Looking through the outfits I posted throughout 2015 triggered an emotional rollercoaster in my chest. I feel proud, happy, lucky, honored, ambitious, but also sad, confused and a billion other emotions that I cannot put in words.

I am proud because I have fulfilled my own incredibly high standards when it comes to creativity in outfits, quality in pictures and the overall reading experience in my blog. I am also proud that I stayed true to my own personal style while still bringing the current fashion trends closer to you. My platform has always been an authentic personal style blog and I take pride in not selling my soul for the sake of financial benefits.

I am happy and honored that I have been working with many great people throutout the year – to name just a few of them: Dana Kalanca, Ivo Saraf, Teo Cubela, Stefan Joham, Lukas Havranek, Oliver Oth, HoneyMoon Jewellery, Manuela Peressutti, BeautyBar Vienna, Hedonia, and many, many others. I am especially happy that Justyna and I have maintained our awesome journey together. Not only our professional relationship has evolved incredibly but – more importantly – our friendship has too. It’s so much fun working with you! Love ya, gurl <3

Yet, I am also very sad that towards the end of the year I didn’t have the time to share much with you. My new job at the bank demands full commitment and didn’t leave much time for the blog. If you’ve been following me for a while now, you definitely know that I only share quality content. In other words, rather that posting stuff noone cares about just to keep the hitrate high, I prefer not posting at all.

For 2016, I have only one resolution: Figuring out what makes me really happy in life and finding the courage to make necessary decisions. Before I do that, I would like to invite you to take a look back on 2015 with me. Thank you for your support and your appreciation, I really means the world to me. (Dammit, I feel so overwhelmed right now, that I even have tears in my eyes.)


Capes, Chains & Fedoras for 2015

Overknees & Chunky Knits - https://anitasookan.comhttps://anitasookan.com - #FlawlessFebruaryhttps://anitasookan.com - City Walk

Marsala & Chanel - https://anitasookan.comTwo Of A Kind - https://anitasookan.combatch_IMG_2463


Pastel Love - https://anitasookan.com

batch_IMG_2052Femme Fatale - https://anitasookan.comGrey Sade - https://anitasookan.comSoldier from Day to Nite - https://anitasookan.com


Birthday Giveaway - https://anitasookan.com


Top Gun - https://anitasookan.combatch_IMG_6425https://anitasookan.com - Beverly Hütteldorfhttps://anitasookan.com - Back to BasicsDans le Jardin Secret - https://anitasookan.comBlue Hues - https://anitasookan.com














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  1. February 10, 2016 @ 1:20 am centimo123

    So sexy and nice shot..
    hope we can make a great combination



  2. March 8, 2017 @ 2:23 am The Editors Notebook

    Great idea to look through the year via your outfits. They are all so different and show your style.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Style and Living The Editors Notebook
    | Instagram


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