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ENG: You get up in the morning, take a shower, put on your clothes and take a look in the mirror. For a second, you think about whether you are happy with the way you look and then you notice that something is missing. So you open your precious jewelry box and feel how it puts a smile on your face. You take out the earrings that you got from your mother for your 18th birthday, the cheap necklace you were wearing when you met your boyfriend, the bracelet that you bought on the vacation, which you went to with your best friend, the ring that demonstrates the infinite love of your husband. As you put it on, you unconsciously think about all those personal moments that these accessories have witnessed. Like those special memories, the accessories are a part of you and you know that this piece is as unique as you are and that no one else could wear these individual pieces the way you can.

There is something very personal and intimate about jewelry and accessories. They have the power to instantly elevate any look by adding an extra dimension to it because they are interest pieces and storytellers that go beyond fashion trends.

It’s an honor and great pleasure for me to work with Atelier PreciouZ and be their face for their Fall-Winter 2014 collection because this collection consists of timeless accessories with a very unique and special design made of delicate materials.

HR: Ujutro se ustanete, otusirate se, obucete se pa bacite pogled u ogledalo. Kratko razmislite da li vam se svidja sto vidite pa primjetite da nesto fali. Onda otvorite ormaric gdje cuvate svoj najdrazi nakit i osjetite kako vam se stvara osmjeh na licu. Vadite nausnice koje vam je majka darovala za 18. rodjendan, jeftinu ogrlicu koju ste nosili kad ste upoznali decka, narukvicu koju ste kupili na odmoru sa frendicom, prsten koji oznacava beskrajnu ljubav vaseg muza prema vama. Dok to stavljate, nesvjesno se sjetite tih posebnih trenutaka kojima je taj nakit svjedok. Kao ti posebni trenutci je i taj nakit dio vas I znate da je zbog tih posebnih trenutaka taj nakit jedinstven, bas kao i vi – jer ga bas nitko ne zna nositi osim vas.

Ima nesto vrlo intimno u vezi nakita. Nakit odmah uzdigne svaki outfit jer dodaje jedan interesantni detalj koji ce na neki nacin ispricati vasu pricu koja opstaje bez obzira na modne trendove.

Cast i zadovoljstvo mi je raditi sa Atelier PreciouZ i biti njihovo lice za jesensko-zimsku 2014 kolekciju jer se ona sastoji od bezvremenski kreacija s jedinstvenim dizajnom pravljen od njeznih materijala. - Closest Life Companion

Atelier Preciouz BraceletH&M jumpsuit - https://anitasookan.comAtelier Preciouz NecklaceGuess Pumps - - Closest Life Companion - Closest Life Companion

batch_IMG_5919 - Closest Life Companion - Closest Life Companion - Closest Life Companion - Closest Life Companion - Closest Life Companion - Closest Life Companion - Closest Life Companion - Closest Life Companion - Closest Life Companion

Atelier PreciouZ necklace & bracelet
H&M jumpsuit
ALDO shoes (similar here)

Photos by Justyna Ziarko
Edited by Josipa Perisa

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  1. October 25, 2014 @ 11:22 pm Paulina Piotrowska

    Fantastic photos ! really great


  2. January 17, 2015 @ 6:05 pm Anita Sookan | Overknees and Chunky Knits

    […] You’re definitely wondering who the other gorgeous girl is. Ladies and gens, I’m thrilled to introduce Dana from to you – a young, ambitious entrepreneuress that Justyna and I met due to our collaboration with Apreciouz (remember this and this?). […]


  3. January 22, 2015 @ 5:25 am

    Your tone and enthusiasm really shows in your writing. Great post!


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