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DARE TO WEAR: Faux Fur and & Fedora

ENG: What do fashion and real life have in common? In order to be comfortable you need to have the courage to not care about other people’s opinions. For many years, faux furs have been a constant in my wardrobe. When I bought this particular vest back in 2008, I felt like an exotic (yet…


Closest Life Companion

ENG: You get up in the morning, take a shower, put on your clothes and take a look in the mirror. For a second, you think about whether you are happy with the way you look and then you notice that something is missing. So you open your precious jewelry box and feel how it…


Camping Trip

Right now, every blogger is writing how much they love fall and the “transition of seasons” and how happy they are to be able to “layer” again. I mean… seriously? I’m not happy at all. There’s no way I will ever be happy about the end of summer – especially because “layering” takes waaaaay too much time…

Songs To Download: October Playlist

Songs To Download: October Playlist

Quite a while ago, I shared with you some songs, which I found very shareable (find the post here). Because many of you liked the post and asked for a new one, I have again prepared a playlist for you. It’s again very R’n’B-ish and it contains some new stuff mixed with oldies but goldies. 

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