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Autumn Colors

Back in May, Justyna and I were really looking forward to sun, heat, good weather and shooting summer outfits. May passed, June passed, July passed, AUGUST passed, and there’s still no such thing like summer going on here in Vienna… I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sick of this $h*t. I’m moving to the Carribeans to open…


Greece Photo Diary 2

As promised, here is another post from my trip to Greece. If you plan on travelling to Corfu, you should make sure to organize a car to explore the entire beauty of the island. Instead of a car, however, my friend and I rented a quad bike to get to the main villages in the…


Greece Photo Diary 1

First things first: I apologize for the lack of posts while I was abroad. The internet connection was so slow that every attempt to publish a post ended up in wasting 3+ hours and losing all my nerves. So, finally, here’s the first photo diary from Greece. I spent two amazing weeks with a very…

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