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DARE TO WEAR: Faux Fur and & Fedora

ENG: What do fashion and real life have in common? In order to be comfortable you need to have the courage to not care about other people’s opinions. For many years, faux furs have been a constant in my wardrobe. When I bought this particular vest back in 2008, I felt like an exotic (yet…

anitasookan.com - Closest Life Companion

Closest Life Companion

ENG: You get up in the morning, take a shower, put on your clothes and take a look in the mirror. For a second, you think about whether you are happy with the way you look and then you notice that something is missing. So you open your precious jewelry box and feel how it…

SOOKAN x YLVA - anitasookan.com


One of my big passions besides fashion is interor design. Probably, that’s not such a big surprise as these two fields have a lot in common: they both give you the opportunity to express your personality and mostly, the same trends, patterns, materials and colors you see in store displays can very often be found in…

Anita Sookan x YLVA - anitasookan.com


Just in time for the MQ Fashion Week, we have prepared something very special for you: Justyna and I have done our first collaboration with the young brand YLVA which we are very happy to show you. YLVA is an emerging Viennese clothing manufacturer that produces handmade high quality basics for every-day life. In the upcoming posts, I…


Autumn Colors

Back in May, Justyna and I were really looking forward to sun, heat, good weather and shooting summer outfits. May passed, June passed, July passed, AUGUST passed, and there’s still no such thing like summer going on here in Vienna… I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sick of this $h*t. I’m moving to the Carribeans to open…


Greece Photo Diary 1

First things first: I apologize for the lack of posts while I was abroad. The internet connection was so slow that every attempt to publish a post ended up in wasting 3+ hours and losing all my nerves. So, finally, here’s the first photo diary from Greece. I spent two amazing weeks with a very…

Electric Lady

To me, the most fascinating characteristic about fashion is that it adapts to our mood and that our mood adapts to what we wear. Once, we dare do leave our comfort zone, it can even help us feel different and better. Depending on what we wear, we can influence and enhance our confidence, attitude, sexappeal,…

crochet dress

Crochet Dress

There are certain pieces with an all-eyes-on-you-guarantee. One of such pieces is this crochet dress which my very funny colleagues and my ex-boss like to call “tablecloth”. Guys, you are hilariously funny… Anyways, combined with flats and a cross-body bag it’s perfect to run errands, with high heels and a clutch you’re ready to own…

new anitasookan

The New anitasookan

If you follow me on instagram you might have seen, that I’ve been working on the new anitasookan.com lately. Without revealing too much I can tell you that it will not only look amazing but it will be amazing. We’re trying hard to include all the various features that will make it much easier for you to connect with social media…


Perfect Spring Dress For Munich

Last weekend, I went to Munich due to a family event. I’ve already been there so often that I could call it home away from home… To sum it up in a couple of words: quality time with my family, $h*tloads of food, many kids & babies (sooo cute) and perfect weather. Plus, I finally…

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