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7 ways to spot a cheap suit

You’re sitting at a conference table, in the middle of two men wearing suits. Can you tell which one is expensive and which one is cheap only by looking at it? No? Well, there is definitely someone who can tell the difference, so the following hints might come in very handy when buying your (husband’s)…


12 Big Fashion Mistakes That Men Make

On every man’s road to dressing better, there are quite a few things he learns about style. Keep reading and follow the good examples from the pictures to make sure you don’t make the 12 most common mistakes that men make in fashion. 1. Boot cut pants are the best fit for skinny men. This could not…


6 ways to always have money

At the end of the money, there is still so much month left – we’ve all been there. It’s always the same routine: your paycheck comes, you go straight to the shopping mall, pick a nice restaurant to for dinner and party like there’s no tomorrow. You feel like the king of the world… until the 15th…

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