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May at a Glance

Highlights of 2015

Looking through the outfits I posted throughout 2015 triggered an emotional rollercoaster in my chest. I feel proud, happy, lucky, honored, ambitious, but also sad, confused and a billion other emotions that I cannot put in words. I am proud because I have fulfilled my own incredibly high standards when it comes to creativity in outfits,…

Two Of A Kind - http://anitasookan.com

TWO OF A KIND: Trench Coat Love

Male fashion blogs are a huge source of inspiration for me. The three main ones I follow are I am Galla (duhhhh, right?!), MattG Style and One Dapper Street because they are mastering color combinations and playing with textures like few others. (Don’t even need to mention how incredibly handsome they are.) Because of my affection for male personal…

http://anitasookan.com - Faux Fur & Fedora

DARE TO WEAR: Faux Fur and & Fedora

ENG: What do fashion and real life have in common? In order to be comfortable you need to have the courage to not care about other people’s opinions. For many years, faux furs have been a constant in my wardrobe. When I bought this particular vest back in 2008, I felt like an exotic (yet…

anitasookan.com - Closest Life Companion

Closest Life Companion

ENG: You get up in the morning, take a shower, put on your clothes and take a look in the mirror. For a second, you think about whether you are happy with the way you look and then you notice that something is missing. So you open your precious jewelry box and feel how it…

SOOKAN x YLVA - anitasookan.com


As promised in my last post, here is the second outfit we shot for YLVA. This time I chose a very edgy yet sexy look by combining the grey “beta dress” with different black pieces. When I saw this dress I immediately pictured myself wearing it with my knee-high black boots and a black fedora. So here it is,…


Autumn Colors

Back in May, Justyna and I were really looking forward to sun, heat, good weather and shooting summer outfits. May passed, June passed, July passed, AUGUST passed, and there’s still no such thing like summer going on here in Vienna… I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sick of this $h*t. I’m moving to the Carribeans to open…

mans world

It Is A Man’s World

No idea what’s the thing with me and menswear but I ADORE the idea of women wearing masculine things. Mixed up with some statement jewellery it just looks so simple, eye-catching, sophisticated and yet elegant. I kept this outfit rather simple wearing all black and – what else? – my beloved trench coat to highlight…

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