Success: 5 Easy Steps Towards A Productive Desk

For many of us, autumn marks the beginning of a new period. Some of you have just started a new school year or a new semester while others are coming back to work after a (hopefully refreshing) vacation. It’s a period when our batteries are at their fullest and when we decide to work more efficiently. Whether you work a lot on your computer or if you’re rather a creative mind – you’ll probably have at least some kind of desk and spend at least some time there. For that reason it’s a great idea to start this enthusiastic working period by organizing your desk. Keep reading to find a few useful tips on how to create a productive workspace.

1. Free your desk from clutter.

When your desk is loaded with papers, mazagines, food, coffee mugs and tons of office supplies you will get distracted very easily. That makes it hard for you to focus on what you’re doing right now. It does not only take away precious space (see number two) but also time because you’ll always be looking for something. Chaotic creatives might disagree but believe me, structure is the key to everything!

2. Keep the things you need at hand.

Once you’ve removed all the unnecesary stuff you’ll have space for the important things. Depending on what you do this might be your computer, calender, to-do list, a drawing board  or whatever it is you need.

3. Decorate your desk in a way that’s appealing for you.

A picture of your loved ones, a plant or a nice paper weight makes your desk feel much more personal and comfortable. In other words, it will make your work much more agreeable. Noone wants to be in an unpleasant place but you want to keep in mind the clutter issue, so depending on the space you should pick 3 items max.

4. Pay attention to healthy ergonomics.

Since you spend a lot of time at the desk, you really want to pay attention to proper equipment and a healthy surrounding. For me, good seating and proper lightning are very important as well as a full jar of water.

5. Use your desk for work only.

Make it a habbit to work only at your desk and use your desk only for work. When you spatial seperate work from free time, it will be easier for you to focus once you sit at your desk. Also, you’ll be able to leave your work behind and free your mind when you’re done.

Below you can find a few handpicked items that will give your workspace a productive and stylish atmosphere.

What does your desk look like? Do you have any tips you would like to add? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments!

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