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TWO OF A KIND: Trench Coat Love

Male fashion blogs are a huge source of inspiration for me. The three main ones I follow are I am Galla (duhhhh, right?!), MattG Style and One Dapper Street because they are mastering color combinations and playing with textures like few others. (Don’t even need to mention how incredibly handsome they are.) Because of my affection for male personal…


BE MY VALENTINE: Marsala & Chanel-Inspired Two-Piece

Today almost every girl wants the same: flowers, jewellery, glam, pearls, luxury, love, happiness. As a little Valentine’s Special you’re gonna find aaaaaall these things in one outfit so let’s start with the glam and luxury: the tweed texture of the two-piece, the plaid coat, the faux croco leather bag and especially the opulent pearls yell…


7 ways to spot a cheap suit

You’re sitting at a conference table, in the middle of two men wearing suits. Can you tell which one is expensive and which one is cheap only by looking at it? No? Well, there is definitely someone who can tell the difference, so the following hints might come in very handy when buying your (husband’s)…


City Walk

A collection of thoughtfully chosen basic essentials is the base of every wardrobe. The fantastic thing about basics is that you can (almost) randomly throw them together… et voilà, you’ve created the perfect casual outfit! So, let’s play the wardrobe roulette, shall we? This outfit could not be any more basic: skinny jeans, a tartan shirt, a grey coat (worn mostly as…

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