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I woke up like this #FLAWLESS

We teach girls to shrink themselves To make themselves smaller We say to girls, “You can have ambition But not too much You should aim to be successful But not too successful Otherwise you will threaten the man.” Because I am female I am expected to aspire to marriage I am expected to make my…


Overknees and Chunky Knits

Overknees are a huge trend that you’ve probably seen a lot lately. For the longest time they have not been quite “socially acceptable” but finally they’ve made their way from streets (if you know what I mean) to streetstyle! Frankly speaking, it does still take balls to wear them so finding the right balance is key. In…


12 Big Fashion Mistakes That Men Make

On every man’s road to dressing better, there are quite a few things he learns about style. Keep reading and follow the good examples from the pictures to make sure you don’t make the 12 most common mistakes that men make in fashion. 1. Boot cut pants are the best fit for skinny men. This could not…


Capes, Chains & Fedoras for 2015

  January 3rd, 2015. How many of your New Year resolutions have already gone to hell? This year, I can proudly say: none! How did I do that you might ask. Well, over the past years, I have always decided that I would live healthier, get leaner, study harder, become more disciplined, etc. and I always…

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