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0 – how it works is finally online! My team and I put a lot of work, ideas and effort into it and after many editings we finally came to the point where everything came up to our expectations. The landscape of the site has many more features than the previous one, so I’ll explain what we have prepared for you:…

man showing his empty pocket, no money

6 ways to always have money

At the end of the money, there is still so much month left – we’ve all been there. It’s always the same routine: your paycheck comes, you go straight to the shopping mall, pick a nice restaurant to for dinner and party like there’s no tomorrow. You feel like the king of the world… until the 15th…

Electric Lady

To me, the most fascinating characteristic about fashion is that it adapts to our mood and that our mood adapts to what we wear. Once, we dare do leave our comfort zone, it can even help us feel different and better. Depending on what we wear, we can influence and enhance our confidence, attitude, sexappeal,…

20 Songs Worth Downloading

20 Songs Worth Downloading

It didn’t happen only once that somebody heard a song in my car or on my iPhone and shazamed it right away, so I thought you might like some of them too. Below you’ll find a short selection of songs that me and my friends are really into right now. Thanks to Emmanuel who introduced…

crochet dress

Crochet Dress

There are certain pieces with an all-eyes-on-you-guarantee. One of such pieces is this crochet dress which my very funny colleagues and my ex-boss like to call “tablecloth”. Guys, you are hilariously funny… Anyways, combined with flats and a cross-body bag it’s perfect to run errands, with high heels and a clutch you’re ready to own…

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